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Our Mission

The mission of the Humane Society of Kent County is to prevent the unnecessary pain and suffering of domestic animals in our community, and to promote satisfying and responsible relationships between people and domestic companion animals through community involvement and education.

  • It was the kind of day that would chill you to the bone, and then the wind blew, making it worse. When Animal Control Officers found Smokey, he was on a chain, shivering outside of a broken-down dog house that provided no protection from 21 degree wind chill. His water bowl was a murky, frozen slab. In that moment, an officer seized the dog and brought him to the shelter to spend his first night warm and protected from the elements.

    In his short 2 1/2 year life, this Beagle mix didn't receive much love or attention. Because he hasn't yet known love, he cowers when people first approach. From ceiling to floor, being inside is all new to him. He's not used to four walls or roaming freely. It's all a little scary to him right now.

    However, as soon as Smokey is taken outside, his nose doesn't leave the ground. He loves the excitement of new scents, especially when they lead him on a trail to find a new friend! Smokey enjoys the company of other dogs (and even cats) and feels safe in their presence.

    As with many chained dogs, Smokey will likely require some house and leash-training, but he seems like a dog who will pick up new skills quickly. If this soulful, sweet face tugs at your heartstrings, stop in and meet Smokey today from 10am-4pm!

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